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LPG Vapour Injection Reducer/Converter


Vapour injection LPG/CNG injectors

Large capacity LPG reducer / converter, incorporates LPgas lock off, can supply up to 575 hp / 430 kw, motors available with 10mm, 12.5mm and 16mm vapour outlet fittings." (European Approved: E8 67R-017409)

Vapour Injection Under Bonnet Kit Packages


LPG Fillers RF20BK


LPG / Petrol Lock Off Valves

Gasmaster Ignition Leads


LPG Printed Metal Tags


Hydrostatic Tee Valves

LPG Filler Replacements Caps


Complex & Simple Mixers


Back Fire Tube Valves

Tank Plugs


Vialle Converter Replacement Solenoids


Floor Flanges Y Pieces

We also stock a huge range of products for all your auto LPG parts needs.